Highspeedworx tests Phantom Flex 4k with Hydraflex underwater capabilities

Highspeedworx is currently testing the capability of going underwater with the Phantom Flex 4K, which would promise spectacular footage from the world below. Falk Eggert, an experienced underwater cameraman, has tried the Hydraflex housing for this purpose and hopes to be able to promote this service to Highspeedworx in the near future.

Check out the pictures below and stay tuned for more information!

Migrate Film Company, uses our great Camera!

image002Its very difficult to be the first and best in an industry, where technology is constantly evolving and the goalposts keep shifting. But offering the cutting edge is what separates the wheat from the chaff and staying ahead of the pack is ultimately what makes one production house outshine the others. Migrate Film Company, run by Libbi Ball seized the opportunity to be the first production in South Africa to use the Phantom Flex 4K.
On a set with over a hundred extras and crew, the Phantom Flex 4K was used to realize a demanding story board, which took six days to shoot. Recording in 4K resolution at various frame rates, the camera was used to create that special look, running alongside Arri Alexa XTs.

 “It was a demanding day, with 4 location changes and little time in between shots.” Falk Eggert from Highspeedworx commented. He went on to say that; ” The amount of Data generated on a busy shooting day is huge, especially in 4K RAW resolution. Our workflow and depth in equipment ensures that the production doesn’t grind to a halt, while Data is being transferred.”

Producing a commercial for Land Rover, of this magnitude is a daunting feat. On a busy day, using several cameras, as well as a helicopter camera unit there is a lot to think about. Libbi Ball from Migrate Film Company added that; “We were happy with the way that Highspeedworx, ran the Phantom Flex4K.”