First ever Phantom Highspeed VR shoot for BBC nominated for Jackson Hole Film Festival Award

We at Highspeedworx always try to break the boundaries. We perform at our best, when clients ask us to do the near impossible. The result: WE HAVE BEEN NOMINATED by JACKSON HOLE FILM FESTIVAL in the “Best Interactive” category. 

This time round, BBC wanted to showcase the illusive caracal’s flight in slow-motion, however, in a 360 video. Hiring that many Phantoms can rack up quite a bill. We had a solution, and the end-product shows. Here is a 2D teaser of the magnificent shots captured by Falk Eggert on our Phantom Flex 4K.

If you have an Oculus Rift set-up, please visit this site HERE.

Otherwise, here is a youtube video that showcases the 360 Video in all its glory:


Highspeedworx Seasons Greetings

The commercial season is slowly but surely kicking in. Highspeedworx is equipped with the best all-round Phantom highspeed service in the country. The Phantom Flex 4K is a proven A-Camera as well as a highspeed specialised camera. Our Tech Johan Horjus will guide you through every shoot, and our back-end solutions are unrivalled with the fastest download speeds. Book an all-inclusive package with Highspeedworx now.


Panavision and Highspeedworx show Phantom Flex 4K

_MG_3600Panavision SA hosted an informal get together of a select group of Cape Town based producers. The purpose of the event was to familiarize producers with the line up of equipment which they would be relying on for the looming commercials season. The lineup of cameras included The Arri Alexa range, RED cameras as well as the new Phantom Flex4k. Tony Eddy, Managing Director of Panavision SA, opened the floor and introduced individual camera configurations and the specialized grips on display.

It was the first time that Panavision has showed the Phantom Flex4K, at its studios.

“The new Phantom Flex4K brings true flexibility to set, with the ability to shoot at normal frame rates and an astounding 4K resolution at up to 1000 Frames per second“, Johan Horjus, from Highspeedworx explained. He went on to add that: ” The operation and workflow of this camera system is somewhat different to other cameras”, referring to the camera’s ability to capture incredibly high frame rates to its internal memory, before saving the shots on the removable, Cinemags.

The cooperation between Panavision and HIGHSPEEDWORX, as well as the availability of the new camera system was welcomed by the producers in attendance. Falk Eggert from Highspeedworks commented that: “In an effort to make specialized camera work more accessible and easier to manage, for production, HIGHSPEEDWORX, delivers a camera service from front to back. We handle the technical side of the camera, all the way through to delivery. We specialize in running the camera for you on the day and handle the data with the fastest systems available. Giving a huge saving on the lighting budget and cutting down on overtime in the DIT station”. He went on to add, that ” We are proud to be facilitating this high-speed service, for rentals through Panavision, and look forward to a busy season, this summer.”


credit for photographs:
Craig Hemphill from Direct Photograohic