Discovery Project CAT: Phantom Flex 4K and VR meets Tigers

Highspeedworx is proud to showcase our latest work with our Phantom Flex 4K for Discovery in an effort to conserve nearly 1 million acres of protected land across India and Bhutan to help protect wild tigers. A century ago 100,000 tigers roamed the wild, but habitat destruction and poaching has reduced the number to just 4,000 today.

Highspeedworx worked with Triosphere and Discovery early September 2016 on a very ambitious project. We were asked to not only shoot these beautiful cats on our beloved Phantom Flex 4K, but to also shoot Virtual Reality. As you can imagine, this can be an incredible challenge working with dangerous cats, especially the elusive tiger. With three separate VR rigs, some hidden away in bushes, others rigged into trees, we tried to capture the animals in their natural behaviour. I think we nailed it quite well. We would like to thank Triosphere and Discovery for letting us be part of such an important cause.

You can watch the VR shots over here: WATCH TIGER VR


Highspeedworx Seasons Greetings

The commercial season is slowly but surely kicking in. Highspeedworx is equipped with the best all-round Phantom highspeed service in the country. The Phantom Flex 4K is a proven A-Camera as well as a highspeed specialised camera. Our Tech Johan Horjus will guide you through every shoot, and our back-end solutions are unrivalled with the fastest download speeds. Book an all-inclusive package with Highspeedworx now.


“Through The Thick” wins Best Documentary Award

We shot this documentary in the Shamwari Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa over the course of 5 days. Highspeedworx teamed up with Nino Leitner from Cinema5D in co-operation with G-Technology and ZEISS as well as Foma Systems to highlight the plight of rhino’s in South Africa. We joined forces with a local production company Hungry Bison Films based in Shamwari Game Reserve, which handled the logistics and back-end of the shoot.


Our Phantom Flex 4K was mostly mounted on the new ARRI Maxima Gimbal, which allowed us to do tracking shots, as well as be more mobile and ready to shoot wildlife on the go.

So far, the documentary has racked up two awards for Best Documentary and we couldn’t be more proud of each crew member that put every effort into making this a reality.

Crew Members