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Migrate Film Company, uses our great Camera!

Its very difficult to be the first and best in an industry, where technology is constantly evolving and the goalposts keep shifting. But offering the cutting edge is what separates the wheat from the chaff and staying ahead of the pack is ultimately what makes one production house outshine the others. Migrate Film Company, run by […]

Highspeedworx receives BlueShape Batteries

Highspeedworx received the new BlueShape BV270HD V-Lock Batteries to add to its complete Phantom Flex 4K Kit. This big size battery pack is with no doubt the largest V-Mount battery available today on the market, designed for high-end applications and capable of operating continuously in discharge at 12A (approx. 175W). Nominal Voltage: 14.8V Voltage range: 10.8V […]

Panavision and Highspeedworx show Phantom Flex 4K

Panavision SA hosted an informal get together of a select group of Cape Town based producers. The purpose of the event was to familiarize producers with the line up of equipment which they would be relying on for the looming commercials season. The lineup of cameras included The Arri Alexa range, RED cameras as well […]