First ever Phantom Highspeed VR shoot for BBC nominated for Jackson Hole Film Festival Award

We at Highspeedworx always try to break the boundaries. We perform at our best, when clients ask us to do the near impossible. The result: WE HAVE BEEN NOMINATED by JACKSON HOLE FILM FESTIVAL in the “Best Interactive” category. 

This time round, BBC wanted to showcase the illusive caracal’s flight in slow-motion, however, in a 360 video. Hiring that many Phantoms can rack up quite a bill. We had a solution, and the end-product shows. Here is a 2D teaser of the magnificent shots captured by Falk Eggert on our Phantom Flex 4K.

If you have an Oculus Rift set-up, please visit this site HERE.

Otherwise, here is a youtube video that showcases the 360 Video in all its glory:


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